The list of Tory councillors suspended from their jobs in the last month alone reaches eighteen. Here they are…

Anthony Mullen – Sunderland
George Stoakley – Cambridgeshire
Karen Sunderland – Lewisham
Jeremy Moulton – Southampton

There’s eighteen Tory councillors
Eighteen, suspended from their jobs
Eighteen, for racism and abuse

Matthew Clarke – Stevenage
Patrick O’Sullivan – Hammersmith
Alexander van Terheyden – Hoxton
Dominic Boeck – Newbury
Darren Harrison – Watford
Pete Handley – Oxford

Eighteen, just in the last month
Eighteen, and that’s just in England
Eighteen I’ve lost count of the ones in Scotland

Geoff Driver – Lancashire
Ian Robinson – Netherton
Mike Payne – Calderdale
Nick Sundin – Newcastle

Kamran Razzaq – Dudley
Matt Lynch – Sussex
Rob Currie – Carlisle,
Thomas Burton – Liverpool


Taking all countries into account
The average number of bigoted Tory councillors a month is probably nearer na-na-na-na-nineteen


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