500 Quid

When I woke up I was expecting to see
The fascists in control over in France
But instead, an electric company
Called Macron was in charge, I shat my pants
Cos I’d wagered 500 pounds
Well, it wisnae me, honest Ladbrokes, no
A wee boy did it and ran away
Don’t put me on the Jeremy Vine Show

And I have lost 500 quid
It’s no my fault and that’s the truth
It wisnae me, it was my kid
And he’s put 500 more on Ruth

La la Ladbrokes
Give me back my money or I’ll tell the fuzz
La la Ladbrokes
I can’t control what my 13 year old does

La la Ladbrokes
It was just a joke, can you no see?
La la Ladbrokes
It’s got absolutely nothin’ to do wae me

And I have lost 500 quid
It’s no my fault, it’s just obscene
It wisnae me, it was my kid
He’s put 500 more on the May Team

from the album Caledonia Uber Alles by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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