Fall Clichés


500 ex members
50 LPs – quotes used in a thousand pieces
Always the same, always different
The most overused of Fall clichés

It only takes a glance at Wikipedia
To get the guff spread by the mainstream media
It doesn’t take too much effort to use your ears
Just let your lazy brain run riot through the gears
Go on, try

Badly drawn anecdotes about Badly Drawn Boy
Madly innacurate accounts of Can and Neu
Curmudgeon is the hack shorthand of choice
Finishing sentences with ‘ah’ to mock the voice
Go on, try

If you, or somebody you know round Salford way
Has been affected by being in The Fall – hey
Please ring this number and we’ll tell you what to say
We’re dying to slip in another Fall cliché
Go on, try

From the LP 40 Odd Years Of The Fall

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