Forever In Good Genes


We all know the news is fake
They’re calling me a Jaffa Cake
And Cheesy Wotsit Oompa Loompa man

They’re questioning my hue, and cry
“He’s as red as his massive tie”
And then they make fun of my tiny hands

Money talks
It says I’ll buy the truth and call it Fox news
And if anyone has a question
‘Bout my complexion
I’ll tell yer it’s good genes

I’m so fit
Cos of all of those smashing orangey bits
Belisha beacons pale next to my face
I’m a special case
Covered in good genes

Ooh, when I go out at night
I ruin traffic lights
And light up the whole sky

I’ll make you cringe
I’ll even make a rhyme with orange
I’ll make a deal  – the biggest and the best
Forever in hi-vis – yes
I’m covered in good genes


from the album Cunt Of The Century by Supertrump

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