Marxist Extremist

As Karl’s grave is back in the news after being defiled, we salute one of his biggest fans:

Are you ready Jez? Uh-huh

Oh what’s so funny about health
And the equal distribution of wealth – a huh huh
Those in charge are such a mess
I want to save the NHS – ahuh huh

Oh, I see a man at the back of an allotment
His eyes are as red as the sun
And the woman in the commons gives a shit performance
And she thinks she’s the passionate one

Oh yeah! It was eccentric
Canterbury was electric
Gimme some TLC
Kensington and Chelsea

Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah
And the man with the beard – he’s no feart
He’s a Marxist extremist
And Theresa May has the nerve to say
You’re a Marxist extremist
Extremist, extremist, extremist, extremist

Marxist extremist
Marxist extremist
Marxist extremist
Yeah, Marxist extremist

from the album The Sun Says by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

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