Indy Live Radio

I’ve done the jingles for Indy Live Radio ( ), and collected them all together here in one handy song package: only a wee click away

What you’re hearing is indylive radio

There’s no need to be upset
There’s a tiny wee corner of the internet
Where Scotland comes first. You bet
It’s the only place to go
If you want to stay in the know

So if you’re feeling fed up
There’s an independent set up
Get down, tune in, get up

Listen listen listen listen
Do not do as you are told
Listen to indylive radio

There’s music, politics and chat
Podcasts – be the media and all that
Not dependent on any old tat

Scotland calling, Scotland calling, Scotland calling

Scottish podcasts coming up on

You’re listening to
Ooh ooh ooh

Indy’s coming, indy’s coming
We got podcasts, news, music, interviews


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