BBC – You’re An Embarrassment

As  yet more editing “mistakes” emerge, the Reckless rehashes an old BBC song…


Everyone’s waiting on World War Three
But meanwhile over on the BBC
They think it would be good historically
To dramatise pure bigotry

Enoch Powell – the absolute bore
Back on radio 4
Throwing a match on gunpowder
What on earth are you doing this for?

Auntie Beeb she don’t wanna know she says
We don’t care what the neighbours think so we
Will continue to champion free speech
Like putting Farage on QT

The country they don’t wanna know
They say you’re a disgrace
To the human race
They say how can you show your face
When you’re a disgrace to the human race

You’ve made a commitment
You’re an embarrassment
Yes an embarrassment
A living endorsement
The intention that you have booked
Was an intention that was overlooked

They say don’t be oblique
It’s supposed to be a critique
The River Tiber foaming with blood
Will drag you further into the mud
Common sense don’t wanna know it says
This is a serious matter
If it’s too late to reconsider
No one’s gonna wanna know ya

Most people they agree
It’s just incendiary
It doesn’t matter that it’s an anniversary
Even Ted Heath could see
This was done maliciously

BBC – You’re an embarrassment

From the album Questionable Times by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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