Keir Starmer


Who is this guy?

Keir Starmer – I thought he was a Tory but he’s another Labour phony
Oh oh
Squeaky bum time yeah
Keir Starmer – is he better than Jess Phillips?
Is this song hip-hop or calypso oh
Squeaky bum time yeah

Stick that in your pipe and in your square jaw
What are the Labour party fighting for?
Do they know that here in Scotland we just ignore them

They’re more irrelevant than the royal family
Hey, nobody cares that you’ve got a KCB

Keir Starmer – and that’s about as much as I know about this bland MP
Keir Starmer – square jaw, ignore, what’s he for? Any more?
Squeaky bum time yeah

I don’t even know this song

Right that’ll dae
See ye


with thanks to the newsletter and @robmanuel for the idea

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