Prestonpans (Not Quite Portobello)

After all the hoo ha about Portobello beach being crowded yesterday, here’s an old They Might Be Gannets song featuring Edinburgh’s Riviera resort.


Prestonpans – it’s near portybelly
Yes, Prestonpans – it’s near portybelly
Been a long time down in old Portybelly
Now it’s Turkish Delight on a moonlit night

Every lassie in Portybelly goes to Prestonpans
That’s near Portybelly
So if you’ve a date in old Portybelly
She’ll be waiting in Prestonpans

Even Musselburgh was once in Midlothian
Why they changed it, I can’t say
People just liked it better that way

So take me back to old Portybelly
No, you cannae go back to old Portybelly
Been a long time gone – old Portybelly
Why did old Portybelly go doonhill?
That’s the fault of Edinburgh cooncil


From the album, Fud, by They Might Be Gannets

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