Pulling Down The Statues


D’you ever seem to have one of those days where nationalism’s just not doing it for you anymore? Well you know, I used to have those just about all the time. But I found a way to get out of it
Let me tell ya ’bout it…

Standing in St Andrews Square – the Melville Monument
150 feet dedicated to a cunt
He was against abolishing slavery
It’s time this evil bastard was thrown into the sea

Pulling down the statues
Pulling down the statues
From Edward Colston to Winston Churchill
The sight of all these racists carved in concrete makes me ill

Meanwhile back in Edinburgh, making sure the coast is clear
Lookin’ in Harvey Nicols, nah, there ain’t nobody here
I’m clambering up the column with hammers and a rope
Determined to chisel, determined to choke

Pulling down the statues
Pulling down the statues
Subverted by thuggery – that’s what Johnson said
He’s a stalwart of buggery, time to kick them all in the head

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