Something Grabbed A Hold Of My Hand

Something got a hold of my hand
I didn’t know what held my hand
But that’s when all my troubles began

I am really easily led
Especially to trouble
To trouble, to trouble
I follow if you are Fred
I’m Barney,that’s Rubble. already in trouble

Don’t waste time, you’re a long time dead
You love how you live and you live how you love her
That is what the voices said
The ones that are dragging me under the covers

I could blame the fickle fist of fate
I could pin life on anyone I hate
But there is something else out there……wait


Singer – She Might Be Giant @MacStarVA
Lyrics and Original Arrangement @TommyReckless
Animation- @lv426art
Instruments – @bleepmusic


The original version is on the They Might Be Gannets album, Fingertips

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