The Best Of The Daily Reckless 2020 Vol.2

Smash! The rest of the best non-covid Reckless songs of the year. Out now.

Track listing:

Two Pints Of Lager And A Scotch Egg Please
Thrusting Swords Into Thousands Of Civil Servants
All For Unionism
Cancelled With Tears In My Eyes
Theresa Coffey – Way To Go
A Cold Tinny In KG
If You Want That Dream To Come True
A Glaswegian In Kensington Sainsbury’s
The Heating’s On
Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother
Lady Bauchle
Let’s Do It
I Played Pong In The Chip Shop In The 70s
Ruth Britannia
Say It Ain’t No
Pulling Down The Statues
This Royal House


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