The last time I was in Braemar it wisnae freezing
We were driving along a single track road
When a jeep came along, we saw the queen was driving
So we pulled into a passing place like you are supposed to

Now when most people pass you in a passing place they are waving
But not the queen, she just grimly motored on, not even a tip of the hat
I mean, her only job on this planet is waving
But she didn’t even have the courtesy to do that

So the next time you’re in Braemar and you see her
Don’t give way but wait for her to pull in
Although I get the feeling she’d knock you off the road with her bumper
She can do what she wants, be it Braemar or Killin
It’s funny cos the time I saw her before that she was with Willie Hamilton
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  1. Very nice!

  2. Thank you driver!

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