Do you remember the Irony Revolution
When we hilariously overthrew capitalism
with our sarcastic cynicism and caustic wit
The snark and the sneer at the heart of it
Armed with barbed bon mots

How do you wash away disdain (Laughtivism)
From this carpet, from your brain  (Laughtivism)
Again and again and again and again
Years and years and jeers and boos
Wipe the shit from your clown shoes

There’s a satire and parody schism
At the heart of laughtivism
That’s me in Chortle
The comedy portal
Losing laughtivism

Any psychopath
Can laugh laugh laugh
From Bathgate to Bath
Laugh laugh laugh
When topical gags
Become ropy and naff
And pastiche is past it
Losing panache
I was out on the razz
And I lost my pizzazz

That’s enough rhyming
Your comedy timing
is late

My coping mechanism


from the album Laughtivism by Tommy Mackay

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