Pacific Quay Cowboy


I’ve been on the BBC so long
Reportin’ the same old song
I know every crack in the dirty politics of Scotland
But bias is the name of the game
And facts get washed away like the snow in the rain

There’s been not a jot of compromising
On the road to my horizon
But I’m gonna be where the lights are shinin’ on me

I’m a Pacific Quay cowboy
Dining out on stories that make me sound OK
A Pacific Quay cowboy
I’ll just say anything that my bosses want me to say
It’s their way or the highway

Well, I really don’t mind standing in the rain
The smile can hide all the pain
But I have to keep towing the line of SNP Bad
And I dream of the things I’ll do
With a free reign and a huge microphone boom

There’ll be no compromisin’
When I pack all the lies in
But for now I’m gonna stay where the lights are shinin’ on me

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