The Evening We Killed A Swan

by Grilli


It was a balmy beautiful day
We made love and we made hay
And then we thought we’d go for a walk
And as the sun set we began to talk
We strolled down to the local pond
We held hands, we made a bond
Then a large wading bird crossed our path
And at first we started to laugh
Then it squawked at us and flapped
It turned into a full on attack

Oh god where did it all go wrong
The evening we killed a swan

We really didn’t want to cause it harm
But people say they can break your arm
I only wanted to protect
My love, so I broke its neck
Thankfully in my country
It’s not an offence, so luckily
Our hideous murder of an innocent bird
Has gone unpunished, but I heard
They’re passing a law for cob and pen
To make sure it doesn’t happen again

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