Staying In For The Summer

From the compilation album ‘House Music – C19‘ – written recorded or mixed during the Covid 19 lockdown 2020


We’re having a pizza crust with a topping of dust in the morning
We’re having a national cringe and a Netflix binge with beer
We’re opening one more can of dull grey spam with a warning
And sinking another crate: sell by date last year

Who needs to go away?
Inside the skys aren’t grey
So grab a gin
We’re staying in for the summer

I figure the people next door will just ignore my screaming
If maybe I keep it down and use my dressing gown as a gag
I’m watching the passers by as they run and cry in the evening
Remembering absent friends and a stag weekend in Prague

There goes the sun
Isolation – so long
I’m feeling numb
Like a dirty wee country song


House Music -Volume C-19 is released 22June, 2020,  available on Bandcamp here – 100% profits from this release will go to Frontline Fife and Fife Women’s Aid.

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