Big Dom’s Blouse


Dom and Laura sitting in a tree
Interviewing for the BBC
Pretending to be shocked but we could only see the big blouse
(Big blouse)
Big Dom’s blouse (big blouse)

Nobody seemed to care what Dom what was saying
We just focused on that shirt he was wearing
It wasn’t much, just white and plain
And it looked like the same one he had been wearing in the Rose Garden
(Big blouse, big blouse)
Big Dom’s blouse (big blouse)

Now everybody thinks he’s only got one shirt
And while Laura’s trying to find some dirt
We’re just thinking he’s a mingin’ git
Who’ll say anything to get out of the shit, the big girl’s blouse
(Big blouse, big blouse)
Big Dom’s blouse (big blouse)

I got my last clean dirty shirt out of the wardrobe
He is not appreciated

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