Pent It Up


I’m calm on the surface, but in the kind of mood that if
the milk was off and curdled my coffee, I’d hurl the cup against the wall
but I understand this so I’ve been having black coffee
Know your emotions is what I’m saying

Pent it up, cos you don’t really need it
Pent it up, cos you don’t need to feel it

Let your emotions out, that’s what people scream and shout
Talk about it, talk about it, talk, talk, talk
It’s getting out of hand, that’s what you don’t understand

Pent it up, don’t talk about it
Pent it up, we don’t want to hear it
don’t want to hear it
don’t want to hear it


from a tweet by @mrkhndy

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1 Comment on "Pent It Up"

  1. Alexander Aerni | September 2, 2021 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    I love this! Elvis Costello happens to be my favorite!

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