Cunt In A Clown Suit


Do you remember that guy on the beach
When we were filming for this song?
I was dressed from head to toe
In a clown suit

I got the message for ‘Action!’ and
I start singing and walking but when I do
This old geezer with an old dog
Walked between me and the camera

Well, knowing this is gonna take a while
I walked past him, sat next to camera
In my full costume waiting for him to pass

The director says, excuse me Mr
Do you know who this is?
The old guy says, ‘Of course I do!
It’s some cunt in a clown suit.’
That made me realise
I’m just a cunt in a clown suit

Filming on the beach – what a hoot
I’m just a cunt in a clown suit


from the album Reckless Bowie

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