Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother


Didn’t we have a lovely time with Jeremy Corbyn’s brother
Quarantine meals of jellied eels
All for under a pound you know
We booed the corona on megaphone and
Slagged off Keir Starmer
Singing a few of our favourite songs about donkeys

Do you recall the thrill of it all as we walked through central London
Then on the Strand we heard a brass band
That played the Diddlely-Bump-Terrara
You’re not working class if you own an ass
And earn “up to” ten million
That’s what we sang in the back of the van as the cops piled in

We want to be free, there’s a conspiracy trying to keep us quiet
It’s just a big fuss about this virus, it’s all the fault of the government
Oh Jeremy, I have a theory
We’re lions led by donkeys
Just ask Keir, here have a beer, and we’ll all get pished

Wasn’t it nice eating a choc ice and yelling boo to lockdown
I always preferred Oasis to Blur
And that rubbed Jeremy up the wrong way
Joy Division’s Isolation – I am not a big fan
On yer bike, I really don’t like them and no New World Order


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