On the 100th anniversary of its publication, a reminder of the high concept album based on the greatest book ever written, Ulysses, with a Reckless twist. Track listing:

1. Buck Mulligan
2. History Is A Nightmare
3. Proteus
4. Leopold Bloom’s Kitchen
5. Beware Of Henry Flower
6. Funeral Flesh
7. You’ll Never See An Advert In The Daily Reckless
8. Let’s Eat
9. Shall I Compare Thee To Ann Summers, Dear?
10.Cognitive Dissonance
11.The Sound Of Sirens
12.The Citizen
13.Gerty MacDowell Syndrome
14.Oxen of the Sun
15.Swinging From The Chandeliers
16.Cabman’s Shelter
18.Yes O Yes

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