The Year Of The Cunt


The ghost of Jimmy Savile and James Blunt
Conspiring to bring down the government
That’s where we are in 2022

Jacob Rees, Nadine Dorries
Brexit Opportunities?
What is a satirist to do?

After Trump you woulda thunk
It couldn’t get more insaner
Now we’re confronted with a chump
Singing Gloria Gaynor

Boris says everyone close ranks
You’re not getting us out here without tanks
Squadron B, DM me, says Blunt

Shut the door, throw away the key
Don’t mention the monarchy
2022, the year of the cunt


inspired by this tweet:














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2 Comments on "The Year Of The Cunt"

  1. I was hoping to hear a version of Al Stewart’s’Year of the Cat’ but this works too!

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