Scottish Psychedelia And The Scottish Psyche


Scottish psychedelia and the Scottish psyche
Waiting for independence constantly
Can’t be good for anybody
It’s just not healthy
Now is the time
To play around with the Scottish Psychedelia history
Here we go…

Excerpts from a selection of 1960s psychedelic rock singles as chosen by Grant McPhee in this delicious thread.

Songs featured:
‘Sunshine Superman’ – Donovan; ‘Fredereek Hernando’ – One In A Million; ‘Kites’ – Simon Dupree; ‘Speak To Me Clarissa’ – Alan Trajan; ‘Maybe Some Day’ -Alex Harvey; ‘Codeine’ – Charles Brutus McClay; ‘Look At The Lights Go Up’ – Hopscotch, ‘In The Land Of Dreams’ – House Of Lords; ‘I Don’t Want You’ – The Anteeeks; ‘Train To Disaster’ – The Voice; ‘In Your Tower’ – The Poets; ‘Eiderdown Clown’ – The Scots Of St James; ‘Child On A Crossing’ – Writing On The Wall; ‘Strawberry Window’ – Studio Six; ‘Mystic Man’ – The Human Beast

Most of the singles can be found in this Spotify playlist



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