Liz Off


Liz Truss went to see the queen
It’s a Liz-off
She used to be anti-royalty
It’s a Liz off (abolish them! We’ve had enough)

Here we go again
A dunce in No.10
It’s a Liz-off
The lights are on
But nobody’s in
It’s a Liz-off
Such a Liz-off

I’m the King of the highway
I’m the Queen of the hop
You should see me
At the Governor’s ball
Doing the rip-off bop
Anti social person
I’m the creature in disguise
There’s a man with a whip
On his silver hip
Living inside my eyes

I’m the cat from the alley
I’m the fleetfoot voodoo man
There’s very little that’s ever said
Of which I understand

Caught like skunk
In space and time
It’s a rip-off
If it’s hers
Well it must be mine
It’s a rip-off
Such a rip-off


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