Back in the Barrowlands there is a back room
Full of discarded Docs and scuffed monkey boots
People ringing up asking where’s my ripped trainers?
I lost them in the mosh pit pogoing last night

This is Barrattland
In the Barrowlands

Meanwhile things are hotting up in the West End alright
Someone’s hopping home in the snow in the night
My bummin’ slummin’ friends have lost half their boots
A black and white checked gutty has been trampled underfoot

This is Barrattland
In the Barrowlands

There’s twenty-two jimmies! One pair of brogues
Back in the Barras
There’s five pair o wellies! One stiletto
Back in the Barras
Converse! Converse! Stick em in a bag
Back in the Barrowlands
In the Barrattland

Are those shoes?

inspired by this tweet:





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