Pig Vomit Toxin Key To Martian Meteorite Mystery


Meteorites from Mars are very rare
At Purdue University it’s a massive thing over there
It had been kept in a drawer
Nobody knew what for
Until somebody saw
Its potential

For the first time this century
A scientist has solved this Martian meteorite mystery
She crushed a piece of Mars
The planet, not the bar
Found something spectacular

Pig vomit toxin is the key
Now it’s been discovered in her laboratory
It came from the US
From Lafayette no less
She took a wild guess
And she cracked it

It fell to Earth In 1929
And now a Scottish scientist called Dr Aine O’Brien
An environmental and planetary
Organic geochemist at Glasgow University
Using mass spectrometry
Fucking smashed it

She found preserved organic molecules, put them in jars
Evidence which helped her learn more about life on Mars
The deoxynivalenol (DON for short)
Contaminated grain crops like corn, just as she had thought
It also made pigs throw up

based on this story

with apologies to The Clash


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