Qatar, Man


Who drew the crowds and played so proud
Over in Qatar, man
They really stole the show
You know, over in Qatar, man

It can make you laugh
It can make you cry
It will bring you down
It’ll get you high

Somethin’ keeps them goin’
Miles and miles a day
They will find another place to play

Martinez loves the golden glove
Over in Qatar, man
Mbappe’s had enough
It’s tough over in Qatar, man

It’s a rotten state
It’s a rotten place
But just look at the joy on his face

Somethin’ keeps them griftin’
Miles and miles away
Even if you have to wear a negligee

Messi has now won the cup
His Argentina were mighty
But whose weird idea was it
To make him wear a nightie*

And Gary Neville has a message
And some words to call your own
And take them home

*verse by Jim Park

from the album Reckless Football Club Anthems

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