The Best Of The Daily Reckless 2022 Vol.2

Second volume of just some of the best songs featured on the Daily Reckless in 2022


Two Supes
Dearth Of A Party
Don’t Call Me A Bastard, I’m A Wanker
Erwin Schrödinger’s Veterinarian
Cuntime (Filthy Priviliged Hands mix)
God Save Our Quids
Pig Vomit Toxin Key To Martian Meteorite Mystery
Here We Go Again
How To Speak Fanny
A Fucked Man Looks At The Thistle
I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Get Vaxxed)
Woke-A-Nauts Are Using Death Spaniels
Music For Having A Bath To
Pretty Much Bollocks
Robbing From The Poor
Totally Tarbuck
4000 Characters
The Day I Drove To Whitburn
We Are Bereft

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