New Town


Well here in our nice new town
A box for a home
We tire of our daily job
For what? I don’t know

Don’t show me how life should be run
Can’t live it in a town with no fun
Can’t stick in the rut with the rest
Best get up, get out and get dressed

Complaints, I’ve got a few
But I can’t tell the council what to do
I ask you straight to your face
How can you spend all your time in this place

Down at the bowling alley
Little girls who think they’re funny
Chewing gum and leather jackets
All the sheep produced from packets

from The Diary of Of A Musical Nobody

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1 Comment on "New Town"

  1. “Complaints, I’ve got a few but then again too few to mention…” This is great but also a bit like being locked up in a teenager’s bedroom and blowing fag reek oot the window so your mum disnae smell it. And another thing I’ve always thought you were a definite musical somebody.

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