Ballad Of Matt The Hancock


I’m Hancock, I contemplate
The value of our precious union state
I look off into the middle distance
I know better than any of you cunts

Every time you say Hancock
It reminds you of a wank sock
I know this, but I know I’m hot
Excuse me while I pose in this fishing port

I’m Matt, I’m at the barber
In Fraserburgh harbour,
My hair is cut and now I’m
Staring thoughtfully at ya

I can do ‘look wistful in fog’
Like a model in Freeman’s catalogue
I am moody, moody and mean
My coat is the most shabby chic that you’ve ever seen

I’m Matt, I’m at the barber
In Fraserburgh harbour,
I know it’s north of Scarborough
Is it near Skye and Lochaber?


from the album Daily Reckless 2019

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3 Comments on "Ballad Of Matt The Hancock"

  1. Very funny and am curious about the original album cover – mannin folk?

    • Hey, Susan
      I put together the cover using a photo Matt Hancock posted of himself on Twitter. The background image is just a random fishing village, then I did the typography and aged everything. It’s not based on any particular album but I’m glad it looks authentic.

  2. Adam David Hiley | April 3, 2020 at 11:58 pm | Reply

    brilliant keep exposing the Tory Shysters this Government won’t last much longer

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