Peninsula Mentality


If you’re feeling insular
Get to a peninsula
Like South Korea, Italy or Fife
You can escape the commonplace
If you are willing to embrace
The peninsular mentality of life

If you’ve got a beef, mate
Then don’t cross the line
You can alienate
Whenever you like
You needn’t be prejudice
Just appreciate the bliss
And if you don’t like the country
You can always jump into the sea,
Ignorance is rife
The peninsula mentality of life
Will come to you

Whenever I wander
Wherever I roam
There’s a nagging feeling
That’s dragging me home
You could be on a dual carriageway
Suffering from road rage, say
And all of a sudden, out of the blue
Kirkcaldy is calling you
What is it about Fife?
The peninsula mentality of life
The peninsula mentality of life

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