Diary Of A Nobody feat. Ivor Cutler

Here is the unofficial soundtrack to Ken Russell’s film of ‘Diary Of A Nobody’ featuring the music of Ivor Cutler augmented with some of Mr Cutler’s finest harmonium work.


The Laurels
I Don’t Often Make Jokes
A Great Compliment
The Scraper And The Hat
Water Pipe
Mustard and Cress
A Little Surprise
The Chuck
Mrs James
An Enormous Bunch Of Wild Flowers
The Remains Of Wednesday
All The Rage
That Blancmange
More Red Enamel Paint
Painting The Bath Red
Ebony Walking Stick
Is Marriage A Failure?
Daisy Mutlar
Terribly Dull
A New Stick
Much Obliged
The Superiority Of The Bicycle To The Horse
A Dreadful Annoyance
Countermand The Half Leg Of Mutton
Large Brindle Dog
Mentioned In The Bicycle News
Lupin’s Engagement Party
Three Happy People

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