How I Wrote Terror Man


Are you there Mark?
Is there anybody there?

It’s the news headlines
No, it’s not
We’re going straight to me
This is breaking news
It’s fast happening

I’m eternally grateful
To my past influences
(Because, as we’ve just said…)
But they will not free me
(It’s fast happening)
I am not diseased
(um…it’s all gone wrong)
All the people ask me
How I wrote “The Terror Man”

Life should be full of strangeness
(Chip Chapman)
Like a rich painting
(Chip Chapman)
But it gets worse day by day
(Chip Chapman)
I’m a potential DJ
(Chip Chapman)

A creeping wreck
(Chip Chapman)
A mental wretch
(it’s all coming up on GB News)
Everybody asks me
How I wrote “The Terror Man”

The Observer magazine just about sums him up
E.g. self-satisfied, smug
In the town they’ll stop me in the shoppes
Verily they’ll track me down

It’s Chip Chapman
We have Chip Chapman
Major General Chip Chapman Chip

Faced smile
And they will ask me
(Dramatic breaking news)
And they will ask me
How I wrote “The Terror Man”

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