Seven Deadly Bins


Oh oh the dustbin men at No.10
Think it’s such a fucking shame
That the sinister prime minister
Never makes them daisy chains

They’re swapping disappointing incidents
While offshore another boat pulls in
And suddenly the door breaks down (ooh la la)
It’s the seven deadly bins

On the doorstep the cop and the cat
Have seen it all before
Dictators and murderers
Have stumbled through that door

Sordid affairs with billionaires
And powder in their guns
And the seven bins with their deadly grins
Tend to measure beauty in tuns

The first is red for taking out the dead
And the second is orange for debris
The third is yellow, going to hell oh
The fourth is pretending to be green
The fifth is blue for me and you
The sixth is indigo
But the seventh deadly bin is violet and grim
Oh oh oh oh oh

Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy

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