The Clown Is Dead

As Nicola Sturgeon calls him “a fucking clown” , a reminder of the final album release from Borrissey. 35 minutes of Reckless debauchery.


The Clown Is Dead
This Guy
Lying’s The Drug
Brexit Street
Wage Growth
Pig Man
Peppa Pig Boris
Cock In A Tik Tok
My Eyes Betray Me
PM – Painter Man
Brown Cliffs Of Dover
Sticky Issues On A Muggy DC Afternoon
Boris Just Wanna Have Fun
Brexit Opportunities
Pay Your Tax Maaaan
Rich Fuckwits
Downing Street Dogs
Sound Of A Cunt
A Ploy Named Sue
Naebdy Telt Me
Tired Of Waiting For Sue Gray
Whip It Good
Cake And Candles For Big Dog’s Birthday
Just Leave And Don’t Look Back

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