The Giving Of Fucks


The day I stop giving a fuck
is the day the fuckers win
Even if all around us are losing their fucks
and blaming the same fucking thing
These fucking times we live in
are the only times we possess
And our history’s proved when our fucks are removed
we end up in the same fucking mess

You may feel disenfranchised
A screw in a fucking machine
But a fuckload of us all giving a fuck
can at least make the fucker run clean
Don’t blame generations above you
who claim their aim is to fucking forsake us
Mankind survives on fucks supplied
by those who fucked to make us

But beware the fucks in sheeps clothing
who claim only they give a fuck
But they don’t give a fuck about reading the notes
while they’re tearing the rulebooks up

If you think your fucks don’t make a difference
That the system remains just the same
Then some fucker wins through
who will fuck over you
Then you’ve lost the right to complain

Stop passing the buck
Let’s pass on our fucks
Let the age of fuck giving begin
The day we stop giving a fuck
is the day the fuckers win

words: @AlexisDubus

music: Super Furry Animals

See Alexis recite the poem here



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