Articles by Tommy Mackay

9 Quid For 2

  Sleaford Kids new release. It’s all kicking off at the ice cream van. Young girl’s rant backed by Sleaford Mods’ ‘Jobseeker.’   Original video here  

They Just Wanted To Do It

  I was working in employment law when companies started requiring return to office, and my impression is that it was largely the result of groupthink among CEOs. a few of them decided it was…


  The winning entry in the Reckless Eurovision Song Contest. Based on a tune by John Cage. Check out all the entries in the Reckless Eurovision Song Contest


Members of The Fall were affected by a mysterious occurrence known as the Violent Unknown Event, or V.U.E. It caused immortality and disability. Victims learned new and peculiar languages. Some firmly believed in the responsibility…

R.I.P. Steve Albini

  A stramash-up of Steve Albini talking about The Fall on the Oh Brother podcast backed by Big Black’s ‘Kerosene’   see also: Freaks, Non Freaks And Freak Enablers

Fuck That Clown

  Ice T  v Keir Starmer in a beef that shows no sign of escalating. Shame. see also: Sir Kid Starver Power To All Our Friends (Except Scotland)