Oh! The Cinematography


January 2017. Donald Trump has issued a ban on Muslims entering the USA. Outrage erupts and marches are held throughout the world. In Edinburgh, I go on the march to the parliament along with thousands of others. Now, I’ve been on loads of protest marches, but this is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen in Edinburgh and certainly the most diverse. All ages, race and classes are there. Behind me are some ladies from the posher side of the city discussing the film Trainspotting 2…

I saw T2 at the ABC
Oh! The cinematography
The language was a bit fruity
But oh! The cinematography
Arthur’s Seat was rendered splendidly
Oh! The cinematography
But there wasn’t enough Morningside for me
Oh! The cinematography

Come on in, you’ll have had your tea
There’s no fear of pornography
Sitting here on my settee
Oh! The cinematography

Though Muirhouse is not reknowned for its scenery
Oh! The cinematography
The stark outlines give it clarity
Oh! The cinematography

I must admit I’m not au fait
With Mr Welsh’s ouevre
I’m willing to bet he would not say
Vacuum cleaner, but hoover

I’m brushing up on my Leith vocabulary
Oh! The cinematography
Does one pronounce it gadge or gadgé?
Oh! The cinematography
It’s Alexander McCall Smith for me
Oh! The cinematography
Frightfully urbane, witty
Oh! The cinematography

I am aware that in this town
Not everyone can eat at Brown’s
I’ve heard from some in the inner sanctum
Etiquette is not upheld in Granton

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