Let’s Flounce


Hey baby if you’ve had enough
Or you’re Huckleberry Hounded off

Let’s flounce
Let’s flounce
Do the instagram and the facebook too
Unfortunately you don’t qualify for Who’s Who
Let’s flounce
Let’s flounce

Dramatic exits are the new goodbyes
Tell the whole world then dry your eyes

Let’s flounce
Let’s flounce
Do make sure to come back after a week
You don’t want people to think you’re a freak
Let’s flounce
Let’s flounce

Oh the wonderful thing about Twitter
Is Twitter’s a wonderful thing
It’s full of the twisted and bitter
And people who can’t even sing

They’re flouncy, flouncy, flouncy, flouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

But the most wonderful thing about Twitter
Is I am great at puns!

from the EP Soshul Meeja by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

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