Scotland Calling (Corbyn version)


Scotland calling to the faraway lands
We know what we’re doing, we’re wiping our hands
Scotland calling to the Labour conference
Don’t think you can talk down to us
Scotland calling, now don’t look to us
Phoney Corbynmania has bitten the dust
Scotland calling, see we know how to swing
Away from the right and do the right thing

The icey is coming, I’ll have a 99
Meltdown expected
And I’m feeling fine
A nuclear error
And you cannot see
America owns our WMD

Scotland calling to the English zone
Forget it, brother, we can go it alone
Scotland calling to the Westminster ghouls
Stuff your expenses – we’re not bloody fools
Scotland calling – and I don’t want to shout
(Well actually I do, cos I can’t fucking sing)
Scotland calling – see we like to get high
We can drink Tennents till the country is dry

The ice age is coming
The sun’s packing in
A meltdown expected
The whip is growing thin
They won’t discuss Trident
And I have the fear
Cos Labour is drowning
Someone call Dennis Skinner

Now get this

I never felt more like an indyref 2
But we’ll just have to wait
Watcha gonna do?
The icey will be back round again soon
We’re gonna have to get a bigger spoon

Scotland calling
Scotland calling
Scotland calling

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