Rangers In The Shite

Rangers in the shite exchanging asssets
Wond’ring if Craig Whyte
Has shit his pants yet, he needs to hold tight
Before he follows through.

Something in your Ibrox chairman’s meeting,
Something in your smile said you were cheating,
Something in your heart,
Turned your nose royal blue.

Rangers in the shite, to other people
They were bound to lose the fight
Up to the moment
When Craig said his first hello.
Little did we know
Death was just a glance away,
A warm embracing dance away and –

Ever since that night they’ve been together.
Losers at first sight, and lost forever.
It turned out a fright,
For Rangers in the shite.

Dooby dooby do

Fuck the Queen, Fuck the Pope
They’re both a couple of twats.
Symbols of oppression wearing stupid fucking hats.

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