Positively Forth Bridge


You got a lotta cables to keep you in suspense
You span the Forth from Fife to South Queensferry
You used to have a toll when that used to make sense
But now that toll’s no longer necessary

It took a queen to cut you loose and set you free
You’re one and a half miles from start to finish
You’re better than the bridges of Madison County
You’re more iconic than a pint of Guiness

Positively Forth Bridge
It has been a privilege to know you

You are a child of the sixties, you were raised
Between A Hard Day’s Night and Beatles For Sale
You have survived through their whole psychedelic phase
Beneath you you’ve seen dolphins and killer whales

Dads always told their kids the cars goes up and down
Like a roller coaster just to scare them
Underneath you stayed Ian Banks and Gordon Brown
North Queensferry got pennies from heaven


I often walk and run across you in the haar
The coastal mist soaks through my clothes and body
It isn’t quite as thrilling driving in a car
Do you feel closer to Embra or Kirkcaldy?

I wish that for just one time I could stand on top of you
And just for that one moment, I could see life
Yes, I wish that for just one time, I could stand on top of you
I’d know what a thrill it is to see Fife

chorus repeat

I used to see the traffic, standing in my garden
But not just now because the cars are going through Kincardine

from the album Ziggy Sturgeon And The Spiders From Katie Melua’s Ears  by Tommy Mackay.

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