Oh Dickie Leonard won
What the hell have you done, hey Dickie, hey Dickie
Oh Dickie, all the best
Hope you’ve got a bullet-proof vest, hey Dickie, hey Dickie
Oh Dickie let’s get rad, don’t just say SNP Bad
Hey Dickie, Hey Dickie

Hey Dickie
You’ve been and gone and won the Labour gig
You think you’re on the left, but I think you’re in the shit
Have the poisioned chalice and take a swally now Dickie

‘Cause when you say you win, it always means you don’t
You’ll say you’ll reform, baby, please, you know you won’t
Every day you’ll be living in the void Dickie

Oh Dickie, what a pity, you don’t understand.
You’re still letting London lead you by the hand
Oh Dickie, it’s so shitty, you’ve joined the band
The North British Branch, Dickie
Oh what’ve you done Dickie, run Dickie
They’ll fuck you up, Dickie

from the album Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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