Tiny Gulls

As seagulls attack various Scottish towns across the nation, it is time to reflect on that time Iggy Pop relocated to Scotland…

Well, the day begins
You don’t want to live
Cos the seagulls scream i
In the street outside
And you know they’ve been
Screaming half the night
Then they make a noise
Like a manic laugh
And you look out on the window sill
And you only see just a tiny gull
And it starts to sing.

So you turn around
Toward the tiny gulls
Who have got no tricks
Who have got no past
Yea that’s what you think
And you hope they’ll sing
But they sing of greed
Like a young banshee
And they want for this
And they wants for that
What did you think

from the album The Eejit by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

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