I say!

We’re Gammon:
Our cheeks have a magenta hue.

We’re Gammon:
And we  really like Brexit too

BBC Question Time, we can shout out anytime
With bulging eyes and bulging vein or two
Everyday you pay the price, when you kick your telly twice
Gammon’ ’til the screen is through

We’re Gammon, you thought that gammon was a thing of the past
But Gammon, is a phenomenon that’s gonna last
We’re Gammon, fuck the future of our daughters and sons
We’re Gammon, the struggle is not over til the brexit is won

No butcher can stop us now, it’s the will of the people
We can walk and we can talk
Get over it remainers; Ham children must unite:
Our life is worth much more than pork.

Yeh! Holy Mount Gammon
Rules all creation

Yeah, we’re – we’re gammon (wotcher-ma’am),
Wotcher-wa-wa-wa, we’re gammon (wotcher-ma’am),
See, I wanna ham it with you
We’re gammon (gammon, gammon, gammon)

Ham’s about my pride and truth I cannot hide
To keep Brexit alive
True ham that now exist is better than brisket,
So ham by my side.

We’re gammon (gammon, gammon, gammon)
I’m hammed: I hope you’re gammon too

lyric contribution from @Tucker5Law

from the album Questionable Times by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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