Ally and Johnny


Ally McCoist continues to astound with his World Cup commentary as he reveals that he met up with Johnny Rotten on a plane once, as fellow commentator Jon Champion witters on about Johnny Rotten’s guitar. Jings.

Ally McCoist opened a novelty shop,
Johnny Rotten’s guitar was the best thing in stock,
They’d met on a plane going to the World Cup,
They said let’s rip off the legacy of old punk rock
Johnny jumped the shark many moons ago,
He said while we’re at it, let’s sell Kate Bush’s trombone,

Go head on, McCoist, you and Johnny Rotten
Go McCoist, we have not forgotten
Go McCoist, use all the culture you got
Go McCoist, you know you got a lot
Go McCoist, Jon is laggin behind
Go head on, McCoist, go head on


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