Fawlty Tenements


And now for something completely diffident…

You can stuff yer roads and telly and SNPs
We got Theresa May and John Cleese
We’re proud of our nationalism but not yours
We love Lizzie, Charlie and Ed Baws

Know your place – in your fawlty tenements
Shut your face – we know what’s good for you
Just in case you ungrateful cunts
Throw disgrace on our pleasant land of blue

Half man, half educated
Reviled, uncouth and hated
It’s amazing you have the wherewithal
To eke out a life at all

Wing Commander Ruth believes
Those chippy Scots are a bunch of thieves
Time to re-instate that national anthem verse
About those rebellious Scots to crush

And did those feet in ancient times do a silly walk?

from the album Tales From The Locker Room by The Jung Ones.

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