New Scotland (SNP version)

As SNP membership overtakes Conservatives across UK and Nicola Sturgeon sets out plans for the coming year, a reminder of the brave new Scotland that swept to power in 2011:

I love the smell of victory
Two zero one one SNP
It left a sweet taste in the mouth
They didn’t have a clue down south

In enemy-held territory
A sporran is foreign, you see
There’s something ’bout those pesky Scots
They’re pissing on our jelly tots

We saw history unfurl
They saw their local elections
They’re living in another world

I was forced to change channel
I was looking for New Scotland
They were living in another world

When Big Eck’s chopper touched the ground
He said, ‘Kirkcaldy is my kind of town’
They missed that on the BBC
No sense of sensational history

The BBC were really shite
They missed the point
You’re better off on satellite
It’s wrong to switch on George Alagiah
He’d smile even if his pants were on fire

from the album New Scotland by The Sensational Alex Salmond Band

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