King Of The Swingers

A reminder of the original tango’d one’s exploits:

Well I’m the King of the Swingers, I’m a celebrity
I used to have constituents, but now it’s me, me, me
I used to argue with Labour, Tory and SNP
But now I only argue with, and talk down to, Mini Me

Oh ooh be doo, I told the truth
The whole truth and nothing but the truth
You see it’s true
I’m just like youse
Get it right up ye, News of the Screws

I coulda been a contender as an MSP
But now I’m just a contestant, another wannabe
I used to be on radio, which was very nice
But now I hang with Coolio in a Gangsta Paradise

We used to be respected – Gorgeous George and me
But now we’ve been rejected – there goes my integrity
I’m not blue, I’m not green, I’m an orange man
But these days I share my sunbed with Ulrika Jonsson

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